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Body Workshops: Yoga for Hip Mobility & Stability

Learn about the hip joint/supporting musculature, impact on range of motion, stability/posture and the role that healthy hips have on your ability to perform key everyday activities such as standing, walking, and climbing stairs. Understand how tight hips can lead to lower back and knee issues and a regular yoga practice can relieve low back pain, release restricted breathing and improve range of motion in the hip joint. Includes a gentle practice to stretch and strengthen the muscles that control movement and provide stability to your hip bones. A private Zoom link will be provided prior to the session.
6/13/2021 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Meeting ID Provided After Reg Zoom Session, MA 00000
Online registration not available.
Cost: $30.00    /   Member Cost: $25.00
1Sunday06/13/20213:30 - 5 PM
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